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Preparing for your Pet Session

What to Expect:

  • Our studio pet sessions take between 1 -1.5 hours and we never rush.

  • Try to get your dog out for a bit of a walk before their session to burn off some of that excitement. A bit of exercise or playtime before the shoot will help to keep your pet calm during the session.

  • Your pup usually looks their best after a bit of a pamper so consider scheduling your session soon after a grooming appointment. A great local groomer close to my studio whom I can recommend is Emma at Styling Dog Grooming

  • Bring along a couple of their favourite treats and toys, especially ones you know they like and respond well to.

  • Its not necessary that they are trained but I will ask for your support and assistance in commanding your dog, to gaining their attention and keep them focused.

  • We will conduct the session at your pet’s pace and work according to their personality and energy level, taking breaks when needed.

  • Stay as calm as possible yourself to help your pet relax. It's a fun experience where your furry friend will be rewarded with lots of love and treats and there will be no pressure on either of you to perform.

  • It's okay to bring your kids along for moral support and we can also grab a family portrait with their precious pet at the same time.

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