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Preparing for your Cake Smash

What to Bring:

  • The themed outfit your baby will wear during the shoot (unless you have selected one of mine)

  • A spare change of clothes for your baby

  • 2 towels and a face washer

  • A spare change of clothes for yourself as you will probably be just as messy afterwards

  • Body Wash if your baby has sensitive skin

  • Some similar coloured snacks for your little one to eat in case they are not keen on the cake.

  • A sippy cup for your baby to wash down the cake.

  • Please try to avoid bringing siblings along as they usually can't resist wanting to join in with the cake smash (and who can blame them!), which means precious moments may be missed and its also double the mess for you to have to worry about afterwards.


What to Expect:

  • When you arrive, we will start off by taking a few photographs of your child without the cake, just to capture a few beautiful portraits without all the mess first.

  • We will then bring out the cake and place it in front of your baby. I will be taking photos during the entire session and sometimes baby may need a little help to get into the cake or to feel comfortable about it all. Some babies love the experience but not every child enjoys the feeling of sticky fingers and face so we will just take our time to capture some different angles and expressions.

  • Please don't worry if they seem hesitant, its not necessary to completely smash up the cake in order to get those beautiful moments and sometimes we will help them to break a bit off the cake or smear a little icing on their cheek if need be etc. You could have a little practice with them at home first if you wish where they feel comfortable, so that its not a totally new experience to them.

  • Mums and dads, definitely expect to get a little bit messy yourselves as sometimes you may need to pick your baby up whilst they are totally covered in cake.

  • Your session will take between 1-2 hours including the bath photos


  • Please be sure to let me know before your session if your child has any allergies.

  • Please make sure your child has tasted some cake and icing before your photo shoot to make sure they don’t have a reaction to the ingredients.

  • We never use nuts but if your child does have another mild allergy, we can also order Dairy free, Egg free, and Soy free cakes.

  • Should you wish to bring your own cake, a discount of $50 will be applicable.

WILD ONE Cake Smash-2.jpg

The Bath Photos:

  • Once the cake smash photos are finished, I will fill up the little claw foot bath with warm water and a squirt of sensitive bubble bath. Please let me know beforehand if you prefer plain water. I will ask you to stay close during this time to make sure baby is always safe. I will quickly attempt to capture a few images of baby splashing around and relaxing in the tub. Sometimes they are keen and sometimes not. This is led by your baby, they've had an exciting morning already and sometimes this may just be too much for them.  Once finished your baby will almost certainly need another bath at home to remove any residue icing  etc. I have a change table for your use and a full bathroom inside the house should you need it.

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